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Every geotechnical report contains interpretation of the subsurface conditions between the subsurface exploration borings.  In order to verify that the subsurface conditions encountered at the time of construction are similar to those utilized in the development of the geotechnical recommendations, continuity between the geotechnical analysis and construction should be maintained. GFAC Engineering, Inc. offers a wide range of construction observation and testing expertise to help minimize the project risks for the owners.

Construction Observation and Testing Services:

  • IBC Special Inspections
  • Shallow Foundation Observation
  • Drilled Shaft Observation
  • Soil Compaction Testing and Observation
  • Pavement Subgrade Observation and Testing
  • Concrete, Mortar, and Grout Placement Observation and Testing
  • Floor Flatness/Levelness Testing
  • Vapor Emission Testing
  • Fireproofing Observation and Testing
  • Asphaltic Concrete Observation and Testing